We understand the complications associated with moving to the cloud and deploying on public cloud. We have a clear vision and consensus of the future for our clients who choose the public clouds or the hybrid clouds. We share the same clear goal and strive forward as Silver Lining is also an All-in-Cloud user. We combine our years of experience and those insights about data center, cloud computing and enterprise Information infrastructure with our industry knowledge to help enterprise users in China drive innovation in cloud computing, transform traditional enterprises’ data centers and make cloud computing the high-performance engines for your business growth and enterprise strategic transformation.

Silver Lining has been implementing and using AWS CHINA region since it first launched in 2014. Silver Lining has worked on lots of public cloud projects for clients in different industries, including many of Fortune Global 1000, large SOE and enterprise customers.

  • Optimal Architecture Design & Consultation

  • Professional Deployment & Implementation

  • Automatic Operation & Maintenance Supervising

  • Intelligent Billing Analysis